Nov 16, 2018

Diane Rose T. Cabugawan

  • Assistant Teacher, Program Coordinator/facilitator, Admin. staff
  • Manila
Programs Child and Family Welfare Agency

Personal Summary

I am a fresh graduate of Guang Ming College with a degree in Buddhist Studies. I worked in the Recruitment Office of Guang Ming College as my internship and at the same time became a Student Office Assistant in the Office of Guang Ming College President for 6 months. I also worked in the Registrar Office of Guang Ming College for 2 months. Henceforth, I have the ability to help with administrative duties such as answering phone calls, filing records, keeping the office organized, and using office equipment like computer to perform daily tasks. Moreso, I have a production method background in Theatre and Events. I have been to international trips as one of the representatives of our school for seminars and classes. Currently, I just came back from Taiwan for a 2-month career development exposure. All of my experiences serve as my medium that further enhances my leadership, organizational, and communication skills. I've been an active volunteer in temple activities and love the thought of helping others.I am highly dedicated to my work and motivated to shoulder responsibility. I am positive that my contribution to your office is a worthwhile investment and will pay off for years to come.


Bachelor of Arts in Buddhist Studies
Jun 2014 - Jul 2018 Guang Ming College