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Elderly Care and welfare Foodbanks and Nutrition Officer / coordinator level

Multfaceted Company Professional. Senior Executive, trusted advisor and change agent who is seeking part time work to give back some 35 years experience to a non profit organization. British and US Citizen. Currently a 50% partner in a thriving business called Cultivate Group (, making Dream Pops and Dream Bites sold nationally across the US and Canada. Combines Retail, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Retail Experience. Start-ups PomWonderful, Pressed Juicery, Dream Pops, Cultivate Group Inc. Early career in Unliever,and Heinz. Started UK business called Analtical Data Services (ADS), age 28 yrs and sold to Expro after 10 years. Now has homes in London and Calabasas. Vision, technical expertise, and ability to build top performing teams to drive exponential revenue and productivity improvements. Excels at creating, developing and strengthening product or service position, developing profitable client relationships, and creating and expanding market opportunities. Frozen, Chilled Food and Beverage industry Experience assembles and mentors top talent, instills a culture of success at all levels and creates roadmaps for succession and sustainability. Deep and broad experience across the business sector as well as exposure to a myriad of other environments including Government and Manufacturing. Open and inclusive management style.

Work Experience

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University of London, Kings College Oct 1978 - Jul 1981