Sep 10, 2019


  • Manager or Director
Programs Animal Rights Foundations Literacy Performing Arts Think Tank

Personal Summary

Volunteering and leading non-profit organizations have always been an important addition to my professional and business life. I am seeking an opportunity in the non-profit sector.  After careers in 2 very different industries, entertainment and pet care, I strongly believe I have skills to be an asset to an organization.  

My expertise is in effectively interacting with clients and colleagues, identifying and resolving complex operational and creative issues, and developing innovative solutions for achieving a wide range of  development strategies and objectives. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated consistent achievement of client services and business objectives in highly competitive environments. These accomplishments are derived from my exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, focused business acumen, keen attention to detail and unparalleled work ethic.

Additional qualifications include:

-Proven success in leading development efforts, expanding operational performance, and increasing revenue potential within organization.

-Exceptional leadership capabilities concerning team initiatives, productivity, bottom-line, and outstanding client service

-Creative problem-solver and independent decision-maker; able to make sound decision from a financial standpoint and in a significant position in operations management; providing solutions, innovation and orchestration of manpower.

-Quickly establish rapport with clients to maximize service satisfaction and promote goodwill that contributes to financial growth.