Dec 02, 2018

Research and Evaluation Manager, non profit jobs, Los Angeles

  • Youth Policy Institute
  • Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Programs Youth services

Job Description


The Research and Evaluation (R&E) Department supports the agency in its mission of being results-driven and providing quality and high-impace programming.
We are currently seeking a full-time manager to join our team.  The R&E Manager will be involved in five core R&E functions: 1) data development and support, 2) data collection and monitoring supervision, 3) data sharing/reporting, 4) data systems management, and 5) evaluation and assessment.  The manager will focus on one or more service areas in which YPI is engaged: educational support services, early childhood development, community development, or public health and wellness.  


Position roles and responsibilities may include but are not limited to: 

Data Development and Support

  • Support program staff in the development of high-impace programs through use of logic models and establishing performance measures and outcomes that are aligned with program goals and needs of community.
  • Help ensure that data development is in compliance with grant requirements.
  • Support with identifying data sources, calculating baselines, setting targets, benchmark goals, etc.
  • Support programming to assure programs are developed based on researched, evidence-based practices.


Data Collection and Monitoring Supervision

  • Ensure data collection and reporting methods are accurate, effective and efficient.
  • Implement and supervise data collection, entry and validation practices and procedures.
  • Provide data trainings for program staff.  Work with programming supervisors to ensure data collection and monitoring policies are understood and implemented via an accountability system.
  • Develop an in-depth knowledge of the fields and records in related longitudinal databases.
  • Work with programming to develop a “cycle of program improvement” through “data coaching” and refular data analysis and interpretation.
  • Create data monitoring tools such as dashboards, rubrics, data flowcharts, etc. that align with existing tools (such as performance measures, logic models, etc.)

Data Systems Management

  • Manage use of data management software system with supported programs. 
  • Support with staff trainings on data systems.
  • Support with ensuring data security policies and procedures are followed

Data Sharing/Reporting

  • Support program Directors with completing monthly and quarterly outcome reports.
  • Assist with various types of reporting, including reports for funders, internal reviews, and other partnerships.
  • Develop data presentations for internal and external audiences, including graphs, tables, data visuals, etc. for supported programming.
  • Analyze and create data visuals drawing on programmatic and secondary data sources.
  • Support Communications team with developing qualitative and quantitative narratives that capture the results of YPI programming.

Evaluation and Assessment

  • Develop quantitative and qualitative evaluation and assessment protocols such as surveys, focus group interview guides, scorecards, performance rubrics, etc.
  • Develop and align evaluation and assessments with program goals, needs of participants, and larger agency outcomes.
  • Serve as a “data coach” in supporting programming staff and/participants with interpreting evaluation results.
  • Generate and analyze statistical results.


Perform other duties related to the position as requested by Director and Assistant Director of Research and Evaluation.


  •  Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree from an accredited college or university required, preferably in social science, education, public health or urban planning with a minimum 4 years of related experience in public health, public policy or education.
  • Two years experience supervising personnel related to data collection, entry and analysis and management.  Experience working in a non-profit highly preferred.
  • Strong understanding of designing, planning, conducting, and evaluating one or more service areas in which YPI is engaged: public health and wellness, community development, educational and support service programs.
  • Experience interpreting outcome and evaluation data for informed programmatic decision-making.
  • Experience managing data systems and supervising the administration of evaluation tools such as surveys, etc. preferred.
  • Familiarity in setting baselines and benchmarks for success as well as programmatic development tools such as logic models.
  • Experience with methods and procedures for data acquisition, management and quality control.
  • Demonstrated record of successful evaluation design, development and management.
  • Expertise in quantitative and/or qualitative analysis.
  • Excellent data visualization and presentation skills.  Knowledge in using Excel or other software to develop graphs and tables for a general audience.
  • Strong familiarity with demographic, health and economic, or educational datasets.  Knowledge of California Health Survey, LAUSD data records, California Department of Education, and American Community Survey, and Census data sets highly preferred.
  • Competence in navigating data management software. Experience with Efforts-to-Outcomes (ETO) or other case management software, highly preferred.
  • Demonstrated leadership ability.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Self-directed and capable of working to meet quick turnaround and deadlines independently.
  • Maintain a professional attitude, confidentiality, and respect cultural differences.

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