Aug 14, 2019

Frontline Campaign Organizer

  • Greenpeace USA
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Development Environmental Training

Job Description

We now face unprecedented challenges. Our planet is being overwhelmed by pollution and human made climate change. Our democracy is being overrun by big money, and threatened by authoritarianism. With these challenges we also see new opportunities to organize the resistance. More people than ever before have shown a willingness to do the work needed to solve the problems we face. Using new technologies and organizing techniques that allow people-powered campaigns to operate at unprecedented scale, we can rise to the challenges we face.


To take our campaigns to the next level, we're hiring a Frontline Campaign Organizer. This role brings together distributed, digital and in-person organizing, coalition building, training, and leadership development expertise to support our network in taking meaningful action on our campaigns.

One core responsibility will be recruiting, training and managing a team of 2-4 junior organizers whowork 3 days a week as fundraisers, and 2 days per week organizing volunteers. You'll be responsible for managing them during their volunteer organizing days. These junior organizers will be responsible for building and running distributed volunteer leadership teams that coordinate creative events, rapid response mobilizations that deliver long term campaign victories, motivate local fundraising efforts and inspire thousands more people to join our existing 2 million Greenpeace supporters. 

Our ideal candidate is creative, has substantial digital and offline organizing expertise, and is talented at managing and supporting new organizers in training. You’re someone who quickly builds relationships in person - with staff or organizational coalition partners - while keeping your remotely based teams updated, on task, and organized digitally. You should be an expert at using tried and true tactics (webinars, text banking, house parties, and petition deliveries) while always pushing to innovate and design the next best practice. We expect all Greenpeace staff to have a passion for equity and justice, including vision for what a decolonized environmental movement looks like and how we might get there. Spanish speakers, people of color, and LGBTQ candidates are encouraged to apply.


This position can be based out of any of our offices, which include Washington D.C., San Francisco CA, Oakland, CA, Seattle, WA, Los Angeles, CA, Costa Mesa, CA, San Diego CA, Chicago, IL, Portland, OR, Denver, CO, Boston, MA, or St. Pete, Florida. 

This role will:

  • Recruit, Train, Manage and Develop a team of junior organizers who build dozens of volunteer leadership teams in multiple towns who mobilize, innovate and win hard-hitting campaign victories with people power at the heart of the change-making. 
  • Produce training materials and train staff and volunteers in-person and/or virtually.
  • In partnership with Greenpeace campaign project teams, develop, design and implement campaign strategies and tactics with people at the center of the theory of change.
  • Create and implement engagement pathways that progressively grow the number of supporters engaged and their depth of engagement, moving people from taking action digitally or individually to in-person with others.
  • Design and implement effective campaign plans and write, build and produce inspiring materials (social media / web content, emails, toolkits, trainings, campaign plans, webinars, etc…) with motivating tactics for distributed volunteers.
  • Build partnerships with strategic allied groups alongside local organizers in the field
  • Manage and evaluate supporter data analytics by establishing baseline metrics and creating systems to track and analyze data to be able to iterate quickly on engagement efforts and improve performance over time.
  • Create pathways and systems to listen to Greenpeace supporters, donors and the general public, feeding back to the organization at large reactions to and ideas for our campaigns. 
  • Motivate donors, supporters and staff in region to hit fundraising goals.

Minimum requirements include:

  • At least 3 - 5 years of experience with significant demonstrated success in field or community organizing, with tangible results for a specific campaign, organization and/or cause.
  • At least 1-2 years experience managing staff or 2+ years experience managing high level volunteer leaders.
  • Demonstrated experience building organization-to-organization relationships or coalitions.
  • Expertise in using digital tools to engage supporters in taking action for an organization, including tools like Mobile Commons, Every Action, and Relay. 
  • Excellent written, oral and interpersonal communication skills that can inspire and diverse groups of people to take action.
  • Able to work independently but collaboratively in a fast-paced, constantly-changing environment
  • Able to work evenings and weekends, as needed, and to travel across the country. 
  • Proficient with social media based organizing. 
  • Experience in organizing and movement building with an emphasis on effective leadership development and a co-collaborative style.
  • Able to learn new online platforms and apply their use to creative campaign design.
  • Able to think strategically about volunteer mobilization work, spot gaps, evaluate learnings and best practices, and make recommendations to improve these programs.
  • Able to navigate issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion and a deep commitment to advancing these values.

Additional requirements include but are not limited to:

  • Experience using CRM tools like EveryAction or VAN
  • Experience running trainings and conferences using web-based presentation tools
  • Experience supporting Non-Violent Direct Actions (NVDA), or a strong desire to learn how to support them
  • Ability to speak and write Spanish

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