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Children's Fund

348 West Hospitality Lane, Ste. 110, San Bernardino, CA, USA

The Children’s Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization created to serve at-risk children in San Bernardino County. Its mission is giving our vulnerable children support, opportunity and hope by breaking destructive cycles through community partnerships. 

Formed in 1986, Children’s Fund operates under a public/private partnership with the County of San Bernardino. Because of this unique structure, Children’s Fund has the distinct opportunity to ensure that donations directly serve this vulnerable youth population. Since 1986, Children’s Fund has had the privilege of assisting more than 1.75 million vulnerable children throughout our communities. This has taken place under the guidance of a board of directors comprising innovative business and community leaders from all over Southern California with a shared commitment to impact the lives of these children and renew their hope for a vibrant future.