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HopeNet LA

HopeNet operates 13 food pantries in the metro Los Angeles area. Since its founding in 1988, Hope-Net’s food pantries have served over 3 million people and continue to have a positive impact in our community. Last year, Hope-Net provided free, nutritious food and vital resources to over 200,000 individuals and families.

Most of HopeNet clients are not homeless, but live on a low or fixed income and must make the agonizing choice between paying rent or putting food on their tables. Our pantries seek to not only provide sustenance, but also as much healthy and nutritious food as possible. HopeNet food pantries are operated by dedicated volunteers who contribute countless hours and treat each client with dignity and respect.

Our motto, “Because none of our neighbors should go hungry...” captures two essential features of HopeNet:

(i) a focus on delivery of food and meals, not just to the homeless, but equally to the working poor and their families; and,

(ii) the geographic focus that encompasses the congregations that founded it.

HopeNet facilitates the delivery of over 1 million meal-equivalents per year. For additional information, please see