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Courage Campaign

Courage Campaign leads the fight for a more progressive California and country. Powered by more than 1.4 million members, our dynamic and passionate team is helping shape the digital advocacy revolution. We organize in California -- the largest and most diverse state -- to create models and build power for national change. 


California should be the progressive trailblazer for the country -- on climate change, gun safety, racial justice, health care, human rights, and so much more. We’ve touched on all of those issues and continue to make an impact, as well as through the following campaigns:


  • #CaliforniaCounts is our newest campaign that focuses on the work everyday Californians are and can be doing to get out the vote and turn the House blue this November. We’re putting the pressure on the most vulnerable Republican legislators in California who represent districts that voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016.
  • We're helping California lead the nation in resisting Trump's hateful agenda. Just days after the election, we called on our members to join us in the Courageous Resistance. Thousands of members heeded our call to leverage non-violent direct action, neighbor-to-neighbor organizing, viral communications, and aggressive political accountability.

  • In 2016, Courage Campaign launched to reveal the courage (or lack thereof) shown in each California legislator's votes. It was and is the first progressive scorecard in the history of California politics that tracks legislators’ voting records across a wide variety of issues.
  • In 2015, we helped found the Kairos Diversity Fellowship with MoveOn,, Dream Defenders, Planned Parenthood, and other leading national organizations, to recruit and train organizers of color in cutting-edge digital campaigning. Courage Campaign is committed to identifying and supporting progressive leaders of color and building our team to reflect the diversity of California.