Institute for Field Research

The Institute for Field Research (IFR) was created in March 2011 by a group of leading academic archaeologists. Operating as an independent, nonprofit academic organization, we break down traditional institutional barriers and deliver high quality adcademic archaeology field schools to students regardless of the university in which they matriculate.

We work with leading scholars from universities around the world, and deliver a broad range of regional and temporal programs. We are committed to excellence in research and teaching. With our field schools, students are no longer limited to the expertise of faculty members at their home campus, and faculty can recruit the best students from around the world.

Jul 25, 2019
Member of the IFR management team. S/he will oversee all IFR enrollment, customer service, CRM, database management and website program management. Other duties as required. Position Duties Manage all IFR online and off-line enrollment activity Manage all customer relations, lead management, using current and new workflows Act as a web master for the main IFR website, including loading and removing programs. Manage IFR customer database Attend professional conferences and study abroad fairs and represent the IFR effectively and efficiently. Support smooth and effective management of office operations. Manage all online student orientations Oversea creation and distribution of all pre departure documentation and procedures Manage partnerships with Study Abroad departments at universities across North America Manage relationships with Academic school of record for grade and transcript submission Special projects with the Executive Director Minimum/Required Qualification Bachelor degree from an accredited university, preferably in Communications or Business Management. 2 years of work experience in the Study Abroad industry. 2 years of work experience in direct customer service. 1 year experience of working with enrollment database. Familiarity with TerraDotta is a plus. 1 year experience working with WordPress website management system. 2 years of work experience working with CRM system. Familiarity with Salesforce is a benefit. 1 year experience working with VOIP systems. Familiarity with MightyCall is a benefit. 1 year experience of working with mass SMS systems. 1 year experience working with email marketing system. Knowledge of Mailchimp is a benefit. Demonstrated computer skills that include Excel (or similar spreadsheet software), Word and PowerPoint (or similar presentation software) and Adobe Suite (Photoshop and InDesign). Demonstrable commitment to promoting and enhancing research-based learning with the ability to work in a collaborative, dynamic, team-oriented work setting. Strong interpersonal skills. Strong attention to details. Ability to work effectively with a broad range of internal and external constituents including students, employers, alumni, faculty, and staff. Excellent presentation, written and verbal communication skills in English. Must be able to draft professional formal correspondence for communicating with students, parents, faculty and university administration staff. Ability to work accurately under time pressure and to handle multiple responsibilities at one time; ability to multi-task. Ability to work independently and be creative; drive to solve problems even when difficult. Ability to work nights and/or weekends as required. Willingness and ability to travel to off-site locations that may not be accessible via public transportation and may be in remote, difficult locations to reach and work. Willingness to work in a dynamic, evolving and ever changing work environment. Must have valid driver’s license Preferred Qualifications Familiarity with Google Analytics or similar web-based analytics systems Familiarity with Online conference software – the IFR is using Zoom Past participation in a field school in any discipline In addition to English, speak one more language fluently Traveled significantly outside the US Knowledge of Access, FileMaker or similar database software Knowledge of Tableau or similar data visualization software   Benefits Health Care Aflac Pension contribution   How To Apply Please send below documents – as an email attachment and in PDF format – to . A confirmation reply that your documents were received will be sent out within 48 hours of submission. ·     A Cover Letter explaining clearly what role(s) and experience(s) you had in the Study Abroad industry, what experience you have with enrollment systems and how do you envision your experience, knowledge and skills will be applied to this position?  ·     A CV/Resume that includes all relevant work and education experience ·     Names, phone numbers and email addresses of two references.
Institute for Field Research Los Angeles, CA, USA Senior Management - Director