Community Coalition (CoCo)

For the last 29 years, Community Coalition (CoCo) has been organizing African American and Latino youth and residents to influence, change and create public policy that can improve the quality of life in South LA. The organization successfully pioneered one of the first large-scale action campaigns in the nation to use land-use policy for social justice, made college prep classes a civil right for all students attending the Los Angeles Unified School District, and altered the public debate on foster care to support keeping children with relatives in kinship care. The organization has built a groundbreaking, community-driven approach to creating systemic social change.

Jul 25, 2019
This year, CoCo will coordinate its first Youth Organizing Fellowship to contribute to the social justice movement by investing in the next generation of people of color leaders committed to transforming the social and economic conditions, and to advancing equity and opportunity for Black and Brown communities. A cohort of (8) fellows will receive intensive training in theory of social change, social movement history, and the art and science of youth organizing through hands on application in base building efforts of high school students in South Los Angeles.  The Youth Organizing Fellowship will be composed of a diverse group of people contributing the social justice movement. Fellows will have the opportunity to learn and engage with organizing experts with decades of experience. Additionally, fellows will learn youth organizing through field practice where they will apply power building strategies that address the root causes of poverty, mass incarceration and the school-to-prison pipeline.   How To Apply 1.   Fill out the  Youth  Organizing Fellowship Application Form  [LINK:]. 2.   Provide a response to the following questions (max 300 words per response – do not submit responses if you answered the online application): a.   What is your interest in applying to the Youth Organizing Fellowship? b.   Using the criteria, what strengths can you contribute to the fellowship? c.    What experience do you seek to gain from this fellowship? d.   How will you utilize what you learned after the fellowship has concluded? e.   Are you able to commit to the program for 8 weeks, 40 hours per week, or are there conflicts with the timeline/schedule? f.     Share an experience where you engaged decision makers for the betterment of your family, school, neighborhood, community? g.   A core value of Community Coalition is to build solidarity between African American and Latinx residents. Can you share your thoughts about why it’s an important strategy for creating social change? 3.   Submit your resume & references. Email  for any additional questions about the program and/or application. 
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