UNITE HERE is a progressive labor union, fighting for dignity, living wages and affordable health care for low wage workers. UNITE HERE represents approximately 270,000 workers in the hotel, textile, industrial laundry, gaming and food service industries throughout the United States and Canada.

UNITE HERE boasts a diverse membership, and the majority of UNITE HERE members are women.

Through organizing, UNITE HERE members have made hundreds of thousands of traditionally low-wage jobs into good, family-sustaining, middle class jobs.

Jul 24, 2019
Be a part of a movement of low wage workers that is confronting corporate greed and mistreatment of workers, raising the standards of service sector jobs, and winning dignity and respect on the job through solidarity and action! Customer/Boycott Organizers  develop strategy to persuade customers to support workers who are fighting to improve their lives at work. This work includes organizing customers to honor worker-called boycotts, inspiring customers to patronize union properties, and coordinating other customer actions in support of workers’ organizing efforts.  Customer/Boycott Organizers  work with worker committees and lead teams of volunteer activists. The work is typically 30% - Coordinating and executing creative actions at strategic locations to help generate support for customer campaigns and 70% - Research and other campaign related work. UNITE HERE  is leading the fight to organize hundreds of thousands of low-wage workers -- many of them African Americans, Latino and Asian immigrants, and women -- in hotels, casinos, cafeterias, and airport concessions throughout North America. Our union is at the forefront of battles for workers' rights, immigration reform, living wages, and quality jobs in many cities throughout North America. ( www.unitehere.org ) Customer/Boycott organizing  is a critical piece of our comprehensive campaigns. Across the United States and Canada, our union’s members (a majority of whom are women and immigrants) in the hotel and casino industries are standing in solidarity against corporations that are attempting to roll back hard-won decent wages, benefits and respect on the job. At the same time non-union hotel workers are fighting for the right to organize free from management intimidation and retaliation. Desired Qualifications: Must have passion for low wage and other worker struggles; Must have previous activist experience -- boycott experience a plus; Must be assertive and have excellent language, writing and computer skills; Applicants must be willing and able to travel to appropriate work sites. Must be willing to work long hours, including on weekends, and to relocate as necessary.   Duties Include (but are not limited to): Researching hotel and casino clients; Developing and carrying out strategy to move clients from hotels and casinos that are driving down industry standards;  Recruiting/developing/maintaining volunteer committees; Working with community and labor allies; Coordinating actions such as leafleting, delegations and marches. Initial location is San Francisco, but position may move in the future.
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