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SIMA Studios

We celebrate, curate and distribute documentaries + creative media projects that advance positive social change and support content creators, activists, educators and changemakers worldwide.

Through the annual SIMA AWARDS, we champion eye-opening documentaries from around the world that stand out in their creativity, integrity and educational merit, and show exceptional potential to inspire social change.

Our international distribution Channels: SIMA CLASSROOM and SIMA X maximize the impact and exposure of the best films from our annual awards. Through unique partnerships and collaborations with international organizations, educational institutions, and changemakers, we bring social impact storytelling into classrooms and communities worldwide, cultivating awareness, education and engagement from the grassroots level and up.

Our nexus of filmmakers, activists, film lovers and social innovators, human rights, humanitarian, and education forums across 140 countries are as diverse as the content we celebrate, curate, screen and distribute.