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Bresee Foundation

The P.F. Bresee Foundation's (Bresee's) history dates back 30 years, when in 1982, members of the Los Angeles First Church of the Nazarene established P.F. Bresee Foundation as a separate, non-sectarian 501(c)(3) to address the social needs of the community. We are located in Central Los Angeles, in a neighborhood recently identified by President Obama as one of the first five national “Promise Zones,” due to the high level of economic need in this local community. This is the most densely populated area in the city (75,000 residents per square mile), with the highest concentration of recent immigrants, 805 active gang members, and an unemployment rate of 11%. Bresee addresses the social needs of our local community through multiple services in a one-stop-shop setting.

Bresee's campus includes a QueensCare Health Center, Wilshire FamilySource Center, Worksource Center, GRYD gang prevention offices, four homework and tutoring classrooms, art, dance and music studios, two industry standard 12-station computer labs, a multimedia studio, a youth recreation room, a gymnasium, our Bimini Slough Park, and the recently opened "Field of Dreams" consisting of two mini-soccer pitches and basketball courts in a formerly underutilized parking lot.

The Bresee Foundation's mission is to provide comprehensive after-school programs and family services that equip young people to pursue their education, achieve their full potential, and serve others.

Bresee envisions a central Los Angeles community transformed by character-driven, creative, college-educated Bresee Foundation alumni.