We doubt the critics, reject the status quo and see opportunity in dissatisfaction. Our campus, faculty and students are driven by optimism. It is not naïve; it is essential. And it has fueled every accomplishment, allowing us to redefine what's possible, time after time.
This can-do perspective has brought us 14 Nobel Prizes, 13 faculty MacArthur Fellows, 118 NCAA titles and more Olympic medals than most nations. Our faculty and alumni helped create the Internet and pioneered reverse osmosis. And more than 140 companies have been created based on technology developed at UCLA.
What inspires MacArthur Fellows and Rhodes Scholars? What gave Jackie Robinson the courage to become the first African American in Major League Baseball? What was the catalyst that spurred Vint Cerf and Leonard Kleinrock's dream of the Internet?
The answer is optimism. And it is in our DNA
It is what enables us to push forward and redefine what's possible. It pervades our focus on education, research and service and, in turn, opens limitless opportunities to every student.
And through its eye-opening lens, we see beyond the classroom, allowing us to engage with the world right now.
As UCLA moves onward, we leverage our history to define our future. Every achievement and breakthrough we have made justifies our optimism, calling us to build upon our past. And as we near the end of a century of excellence, we steadfastly pursue future endeavors with the same optimism that brought us here.
Aug 21, 2019
Reporting to the University Librarian, the Director of Communications and Marketing chief responsibilities focus on enhancing the visibility and reputation of one of the top North American research libraries and communicating with all library constituencies about the library's collections, programs, people, and services. The Director of Communications and Marketing develops and oversees implementation of strategic communications, public engagement, and marketing plans that include models for reaching campus audiences and library constituencies using multi-platform institutional communications that align with the UCLA Library strategic plan and institutional priorities. The plan includes audience definition and analysis, brand management, integrated content development, visual design, media relations, social media, marketing, and public programs development and management.  The Office of Strategic Communications offers services that achieve Library goals in furtherance of UCLA's research, education, and public service mission. The office ensures that all aspects of the UCLA Library's public presentation communicate about and demonstrate the Library's value to UCLA students, faculty, staff, alumni, and donors; scholars from around the world; and members of the public. Its staff members adopt a strategic approach to institutional and unit projects, focusing on fully understanding and analyzing needs; setting concrete, achievable goals; establishing and adhering to budgets; identifying and defining specific audiences; crafting tailored messages; selecting appropriate vehicles; and comprehensively assessing results.  The Office of Strategic Communications has 3 FTE career staff and one student assistant and employs external vendors as needed for specific projects. The office's service portfolio encompasses strategic communications, media relations, writing for all types of public information purposes, social media content and management, development and execution of plans, publications management and production, graphic design, filming and photography coordination, events development and execution, marketing, and brand management.     BA/BS in related field, such as Communications, Journalism, or Marketing or an equivalent combination of education and experience.   Minimum of 10 years experience in a senior leadership role developing and managing strategic communications, ideally for an institution of higher education or a non-profit organization.   The ability to articulate a strategic vision for communications in support of institutional goals; knowledge of and experience with all aspects of communications, including public information, media relations, brand, management, marketing, social media, publications, graphic design, and donor relations.   Exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to work productively and respectfully with a wide variety of constituencies locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally. These include students, faculty, university staff, librarians and library staff, donors, communications colleagues, and members of the general public.   Excellent writing and editing skills in English that encompass work experience creating a variety of written communications, including news releases, newsletter articles, web content, background and briefing documents, social media posts, invitations, reports, proposals, and content for marketing pieces, that demonstrate a command of language and grammar, clarity of thought and structure, and knowledge of the audience.   Excellent verbal communication skills at all levels: giving speeches to large groups, managing meetings of smaller groups, and working productively with individuals.            Experience managing a central branding system, including supervising graphic design of all public materials in physical and electronic format, ensuring adherence to the branding system by all staff, identifying and hiring freelance graphic designers when necessary, and managing a budget for graphic design services. Experience working with graphic design programs including Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.   Experience planning and executing comprehensive, carefully structured communications plans, programs, and activities, including conception, development, implementation, assessment, and budgeting.   Experience with all aspects of media relations, including student media and foreign outlets; understanding of how to select the most appropriate spokesperson on a given topic and how to brief that individual for interviews.   Experience with managing physical and electronic publications: setting and adhering to budgets; developing production schedules; identifying freelance writers and designers as necessary; drafting tables of contents; assigning, writing, and editing articles; finding suitable illustrations or arranging for their creation; supervising designs; managing review processes; recommending printers; and coordinating production, mailings, and distribution.   Familiarity and engagement with social media and their appropriate use in higher education.   Knowledge of event management processes and activities, including planning timelines and managing budgets.   Strong organizational skills and experience working in a fast-paced environment; ability to manage multiple high-priority projects simultaneously and adhere to strict deadlines and budgets.   Ability to initiate and maintain cooperative working relationships with co-workers, supervisors, and managers. Ability to work harmoniously and as a team player, thrive in a team-based environment, and skill in fostering teamwork among others.            Ability to follow directions from supervisors (and to provide clear directions to staff and student employees).   Ability to get to work reliably and on time and to be present in the workplace during normal working hours.   Familiarity with website management, including best practices in graphic design, writing, and usability, and with web platforms including Drupal.   MA/MS in related field, such as Communications, Journalism, or Marketing.           Spoken and written fluency in a language other than English: ideally, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Farsi.   Salary:  $5325 -$10,533 monthly  
UCLA Los Angeles, CA, USA Marketing / PR
Aug 21, 2019
The Director of Finance/Chief Financial Officer for the School of Public Health is accountable for providing leadership and direction for the day-to-day financial operations of the school. The incumbent is responsible for providing the following: financial forecasting; budgeting; financial planning; purchasing; accounts payable management; control of all school fund sources (e.g.: appropriated funds, sales and service accounts, overhead (ICR), discretionary gifts and endowments); financial policies and procedures interpretation and implementation; oversight of central contracts and grants managed in the Finance Office; the annual budget processing and training of department administrators. The incumbent is responsible for reviewing systems and business processes, developing administrative and financial programs, when applicable, and applications and implementing in a systematic way the applications to the departments and central administration.    1.Analytical skills to assess financial information, practices and procedures, analyze relationships, define problems, formulate logical conclusions, develop alternative solutions and implement recommendations.  2. Working knowledge of general and public accounting, principles, practices and theories. 3. Experience in program and project budgeting. 4. Demonstrated skill in financial planning, budget preparation, fiscal monitoring, control and administration of multi-million dollar budgets with multiple funding sources. 5. Knowledge of automated accounting and financial management systems. 6. Ability to identify problems, analyze information, develop alternative approaches and recommend solutions in matters related to financial management. 7. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with staff, administrators, faculty and the public concerning the management of the organizations. 8. Mature interpersonal skills to develop and maintain close working relationships with a diverse body of administrators, faculty and staff in an academic environment. 9. Knowledge of University policies and procedures, in particular those relating to fiscal management of both extramural and institutional funds, procurement, and contract and grant administration. 10. Skill in hiring, training, supervising, evaluating, and if necessary, counseling and disciplining staff. 11. Ability to organize and delegate tasks, set priorities and establish a workflow. 12. Proven ability to understand and communicate the operational responsibilities and related needs among internal staff and external organizations. 13. Working knowledge of University sales and service activities and experience in preparation and monitoring of annual budgets. 14. Knowledge of University and funding agency payroll policies and regulations. 15. Ability to work effectively both independently and as a member of a team. 16. Ability to work in an environment of constantly changing priorities and to alternate between projects and tasks to meet conflicting deadlines. 17. Working knowledge of database design and implementation. 18. Working knowledge of database software (e.g., Oracle, Paradox, Access, SQL). 19. Detailed knowledge of Microsoft Office applications, especially Access, Excel, and PowerPoint. 20. Detailed knowledge of Microsoft Windows. 21.Expert knowledge of Financial and Accounting Systems and various Business Applications. 22.Excellent verbal, interpersonal and written communication skills.   Salary: $6,667 - $13,166 a month. 
UCLA Los Angeles, CA, USA Finance