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Blue Engine

New York, NY, USA


Blue Engine is a New York City-based education nonprofit founded in 2010 to dramatically improve academic achievement for students in historically oppressed communities. We help schools restructure the classroom with trained teams of teachers who provide daily, differentiated instruction for students in Algebra and English/Language Arts classes.

In 2010, Blue Engine launched in-school programming with an inaugural cohort of 12 Blue Engine Teaching Apprentices (BETAs): AmeriCorps service members who spent a single year tutoring small groups alongside two classroom teachers in Washington Heights. Blue Engine reached a total of 186 students that first year. Blue Engine has grown ten-fold since, partnering with 9 schools across Manhattan, Bronx and Queens, supporting 72 BETAs to serve alongside 24 classroom teachers, and serving over 1,800 in 2018-19. This growth is fueled by results – Blue Engine is moving the needle on college readiness for large percentages of students in our partner schools. Students in Blue Engine classrooms have experienced up to 7 additional months of learning in a single school year. Additionally, Blue Engine is starting to innovate on our implementation model as we prepare for scale.

The core of what we do is to unlock human potential through strong human relationships. By creating learning environments where students are seen for who they are, what they need, and what they want to become, we create the classroom conditions that enable students to thrive.