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The 2019 NonProfitTimes Power & Influence Top 50

The 2019 NonProfitTimes Power & Influence Top 50

It just always works out this way. It’s never intended but a theme always emerges as the nominations for the annual NPT Power & Influence Top 50 come in and are discussed. Two trends quickly emerged for 2019. There is plenty of innovation popping in the Pacific Northwest and need is evolving missions into initially unimagined domains throughout the nation.

The most intriguing element is a push for 360-degree services. The realization that the three basic needs of shelter, food and healthcare should be a bundle is materializing in the work of foundations and rank-and-file charities. Affordable housing is being obtained or built in communities, even in areas of perceived wealth.

Nonprofit executives are also proving that Washington is the innovation capital of the country. Actually, it’s the other Washington, as in Washington State. Oregon also checked in with honorees. The Pacific Northwest makes up 10 percent of the honorees for 2019.

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