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Should Water Scarcity be a Financial Boon For California Nonprofits?

California also has an ever-growing population which has almost reached 40 million individuals, with a growth rate of .9% annually.  For a U.S. state which is larger than all but 34 of the world’s countries, maintaining a reliable water supply is important not only for CA residents, but for the resiliency of agriculture. California produces about $47 billion in agriculture, making up 12.5% of the total agricultural production for all 50 states. California also exports a whopping 28% of its agricultural production to other markets. When you consider that 80% of the state’s water consumption is allotted for agriculture, the thought of a diminishing water supply raises many concerns.

Additionally, a new report from Non-profit Quarterly has prompted the question of whether nonprofits should act in the same way as disaster capitalists may in the situation. Is it beneficial to profit from the resource scarcity and use humanitarian disaster as a means of extending fundraising? This a very interesting topic, particularly for nonprofits in Los Angeles who know the risk that water scarcity poses to the city. 

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