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More C-Suite Executives Hire Chief Data Officer

More C-Suite Executives Hire Chief Data Officer
  • Fortune 100 companies are hiring C-suite members focused on data and digital expertise in record numbers, according to a study by Avado, a global digital education company. The study found that senior leadership positions (such as chief data officer) relating to "data, digital and transformation" have grown more than 289% since 2013, largely to prepare for what Avado calls the 4th Major Industrial Revolution. 


  • Titles that have seen massive growth include chief learning officer (900% growth) and chief digital officer (867%). Chief data & analytics officer, chief innovation officer and chief transformation officer have also grown tremendously (500% each). 


  • "The addition of digitally-focused leaders in the C-suite of these companies marks the start of a new era of senior leadership," Niall McKinney, Avado's global president, said in a statement. "However, today these leaders are not elevated to C-suite status in the majority of Fortune 100 companies and, despite its growth, only 6% of these businesses currently have a Chief Transformation Officer. Failure to adopt digital leadership positions will leave businesses unprepared for 2020."


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