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Job Satisfaction in Non-Profit Management Roles Very High

Job Satisfaction in Non-Profit Management Roles Very High

A recent study by Classy, an online fundraising platform, found that 84% of non-profit managers are satisfied. Further, fundraising professionals had greater levels of satisfaction at 92%.

The study surveyed 1,002 non-profit managers throughout the US about their job satisfaction and fundraising efforts.

Interestingly, 53% of those who were satisfied with their work were also donors to their employer, either weekly, monthly or yearly.

Again, those in the fundraising department were more likely to donate than those not in fundraising. Likely due to better understanding of the impact a donation can have for their organization.  This could contribute to their greater satisfaction in their roles, as well as their willingness to give back to their own organizations in the way that’s most valuable and sustainable. Highlighting the strength of the fundraising positions in non-profits. 


The Classy study also highlighted concerns within non-profit workers. Donor retentions and employee wage increases were top of the list.

Employee skills and ensuring the company has the best possible staff featured highly in response to what should be prioritised. Better leadership and employee alignment were a priority for 45% of respondents, and better talent had a rate of 35%.

The study shows the importance of having the correct team members and the benefits they will bring to a non-profit. Not only will there be greater satisfaction, but also greater productivity and ability to impact the cause of the non-profit.


Optimistic Outlook

Overall, the figures highlight an optimistic outlook for the non-profit industry. Job satisfaction is high, with many donating to the cause they work for and finding purpose in the work they’re doing.