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Is Graduate School Right For You?

Is Graduate School Right For You?

Graduate school is one of the most important cards you can play in your career poker hand. But, it does not come cheap! Furthermore, it will consume a great deal of your precious time. So, is it really a card worth playing? Let's  look at the upside:

Among the best reasons to go to graduate school are:

  • It is essential to open the critical doors in professional fields such as healthcare, law, teaching and social work
  • It can enhance your career by raising your income earning potential and easing your access to critical, senior roles
  • It provide you with the knowledge and confidence you might need, to switch careers or simply enhance your professional skills

Beware, though. A post-graduate degree will not necessarily open doors immediately and the cost might have negative consequences, if it is funded by debt. 

The main thing to recognize with graduate schools is that there are costs as well as benefits. Analyse them, find out if it is necessary for the career path you desire,and don't rush into anything. Don't forget, there are plenty of cheap and free tools online to enhance your prospects; don't jump on the first course you come across and make sure you have the time and resources to see it through to the end. 

Here are some of the institutions you need to research before you make your decision: