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How To Write The Perfect Nonprofit Resume

How To Write The Perfect Nonprofit Resume

Employers use resumes throughout the application process and are a crucial component of any job search. Below are some tips to make your resume sharp, easy to read, summarizes your skills and outlines any relevant experience. 

1. Make it easy to read

As employers, it is incredibly frustrating to search through a resume to find relevant information. Use a simple, clean template to make it as clear as possible. Recruiters only have a short time to review your resume, make it worthwhile.

Additionally, try to avoid having lots of white space as this signals a lack of experience for the role. Fill blank spaces with skills and achievements or alter the layout of the resume. 

Check out this site for plenty of templates. 


2. Use as few words as possible

Employers need to quickly scan your work experience and skills. Make your sentences short. 

Too wordy: Applied excellent budget management skills to achieve a 12% reduction in costs through research and finding inefficiencies. 

Better: Achieved 12% department cost saving by eliminating inefficiencies. 

Resumes should be no longer than two pages, only specific and relevant information is essential. Point 3 will help you understand how to find essential information. 


3. Use keywords in job descriptions 

Your resume is still too long, but you don't know what to cut out? Search through the job description to find specific skills the employer is looking for. Whilst you may include skills they haven't specifically asked for, ensure you can match the job description. Prove you're a strong candidate for the role. 


4. Research before you write

This is crucial in any resume, but specifically for non-profits. Make sure you understand the company's mission statement and recognise how you could add value. This research could be anything from searching their website, the news or reaching out to previous employees to understand the culture. 


5. Demonstrate your achievements 

Whilst it may be easy to say you have certain skills, providing past examples strengthens your resume. Provide evidence and quantify it to make it easy to understand. 


- Authored grant proposal gaining $200,000 in funding

- Cut department costs by 9% year on year - saving $750,000 over 3 years


6. Give your resume a boost with some help

$ - use free resources such as your friends and family to give your resume a once over. Alternatively, use a free resume tool online. 

$$ - Use a mass market resume tool such as Zety. Companies like Zety provide a low cost method of creating simple and effective resumes. 

$$$ - Whilst seeking professional resume writers may be expensive, it can be a useful tool to help you secure the nonprofit job you want. The cost can be anywhere between $300-$3000 so perhaps reserve this for management or c-suite roles.