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4 Nonprofit Events You Should Attend This Week in Los Angeles

4 Nonprofit Events You Should Attend This Week in Los Angeles

1. Program Development Workshop For Nonprofits

This is a series of workshops and events designed to connect nonprofit founders and to provide them with the knowledge they need to start their organizations.

Date: 07/25



2. Powering Up Your Nonprofit Management

This introductory course will cover both legal and programmatic fundamentals, including best practices for designing successful programs, recruiting an effective board, developing a sustainable fundraising plan, forming a California nonprofit corporation and applying for tax exemption, and complying with ongoing tax and legal requirements.

Date: 07/23



3. Network Your Way to Fundraising Success!

This session will help even the shyest Executive Director, Board Member or Development Professional learn how to get comfortable talking to strangers, make meaningful connections, and find new advocates, donors and friends. Develop your networking skills and learn how to empower others to become your cause ambassadors.

Date: 07/23



4. Use Social Media to Increase $$ at Your Next Fundraising Event

In-person galas and events can raise critical funds and build awareness for the work nonprofits do. Why not extend that impact beyond those gathered and introduce some new fundraising tactics?

Date: 07/25