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2 Nonprofit Events You Should Attend This Week in Los Angeles

2 Nonprofit Events You Should Attend This Week in Los Angeles

Happy Monday! Only 2 Nonprofit events for you this week. Again, The Centre For Nonprofit Management continue to host excellent workshops to boost your career development. 


1. Mindful Leadership

The emotional intelligence of an organization’s leader can positively or negatively affect the company’s entire culture. While self-awareness has been shown to be one of the most important qualities a leader can possess, it is rarely taught in business school. Fortunately, the muscle of mindfulness, which strengthens emotional intelligence, can be learned, practiced, and developed by incorporating simple exercises into our everyday lives. In the context of the workplace, mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress, prevent employee turnover, and reduce burn out.

Date: 08/01 



2. Conflict Management Fundamentals

An interactive and engaging course where participants learn strategies for managing conflict through active learning and practice of course content. Time spent in self-reflection, active practice and interactive discussions about the challenges we face with conflict help participants leave the session with tools in their pocket they can use the very next day.

Date: 07/30