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Get funded!

Posted: 01.05.2017

Here are some outstanding places to obtain funding intelligence

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Senior Level Fundraising Talent is Hard to Find

Posted: 12.19.2016

Experienced development directors are a hot commodity!

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Salary Surveys - How to find them

Posted: 11.14.2016

GRANTSPACE is an exceptional resource for jobseekers and HR staff seeking salary survey data. 

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Artificial Intelligence and Jobs

Posted: 09.13.2016

Globalization, Robots, and the Future of Work: An Interview with Jeffrey Joerres

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How much are Non-Profit CEOs making?

Posted: 08.23.2016

Executive Director pay varies widely depending on the size and location of the organization. Here is some solid research to help you explore the matter.

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More Good Resume Tips

Posted: 08.18.2016

Campbell & Company is one of the best executive search firms in the country. Ms. C. Rogers lays out some key points that you should consider when preparing your resume.

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Make your interviewer like you

Posted: 08.05.2016

"it takes just three seconds for someone to determine whether they like you and want to do business with you."

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Resume "KILL" words

Posted: 08.03.2016

Some words are out-of-date or over-used in resumes. Check out the video link below to see if you're guilty of falling back on these old expressions and vocabulary.

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Chocolate Resume?

Posted: 08.02.2016

This is a sweet way to get attention!

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Video interview tip

Posted: 07.27.2016

NYT article sheds light on how to improve your impact in video interviews.

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